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Since 1980, Commercial Data Systems Corporation (CDS) of Marietta (Atlanta), Georgia has been designing and implementing computer systems with CDS' accounting, order processing, inventory control business software and support services, to small and medium sized companies all over the United States.  CDS has several specific vertical industry distribution software packages, such as for Glass Distributors, Amusement Distributors, etc.  In addition, CDS' also has an Auto Repair Shop software package (AutoWise).

CDS' application software runs on Linux and most Unix based Systems, plus Windows based systems.  CDS application software is unique in that it is one of the few software packages that can be customized for companies who find that other packaged software does not meet their requirements.

Our Mission

CDS' mission is to provide the best possible computerized business solutions for our customer's current needs, while also providing for their future needs as well.

Company Profile

CDS is a complete system solution company.  CDS provides value to our customers by owning our own software.  Thus, rather than the customer fitting into a software product, CDS software can be customized to fit the customer's growing and changing needs. 

CDS' customers like the flexibility they receive by selecting to have software customization when the needs arise and taking advantage of product enhancements.

CDS is a family owned and operated company that has been providing software, hardware, a variety of services, such as support, consulting, programming, installation and training to happily satisfied and long-term customers.

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